Interactive Privacy Policy Addendum

We use an analytics and reporting system (the "Tracking Tool") provided by our website analytics vendor, Trader Interactive, LLC, a Florida limited liability company ("Trader").

This Privacy Policy Addendum may be posted or displayed separately on our site, or may be appended to another privacy notice or policy posted or displayed on our site. To the extent an inconsistency or conflict arises between the terms of this Privacy Policy Addendum and any other privacy notice or policy posed on our site or to which this Privacy Policy Addendum is appended, the terms of this Privacy Policy Addendum will control with respect to the Tracking Tool. However, this Privacy Policy Addendum applies only with respect to the Tracking Tool, and not any other features of our site.

How the Tracking Tool Works.

For each visit to our site, the Tracking Tool: (1) identifies the traffic source for the visit; and (2) issues a unique visitor ID number and visitor traffic number. As the user navigates our site, the Tracking Tool may track and store the pages visited and features used. The Tracking Tool also may link information provided through forms featured on our site with a visitor ID number. Using local storage, the Tracking Tool may also store data in the user's Internet browser or in a data repository on the user's device for purposes of associating the user with his or her user profile. The Tracking Tool operates only on our site – it does not track information regarding your use of other sites that do not have the Tracking Tool.

Information Collected and Usage of Information.

Trader creates a user profile including the user's visitor ID number and any information the user directly provides through our site or other interactions with our site and/or the company associated with our site. This information may include a user's personal information, such as name, personal phone number, home address, email address, and similar information, whether or not this information is complete or partially entered by the user. We will not ask for or knowingly associate financial information with your user profile. Unless the user provides us personal information, the information associated with the user profile is limited to information automatically collected as a user browses and interacts with our site, such as the user's browser type, available plugins, iInternet service provider, iInternet protocol ("IP") address and/or mobile device ID, and pages visited, features used and other browsing activities performed on our site. Except as otherwise expressly set forth herein, the information associated with a user profile is used, maintained and disclosed in accordance with the restrictions and permissions in this Privacy Policy Addendum and such other privacy notices or policies posted on our site (if any) or to which this Privacy Policy Addendum is appended, including obligations of confidentiality and restrictions on disclosure to third parties.

As a user of our site, you expressly acknowledge and agree that the information associated with your user profile may be used to understand and analyze the usage of our site and/or for the purposes of marketing products or services to you. In particular, the Tracking Tool may automatically generate and send email marketing communications to you (to the extent you have provided your email address as part of your interactions with our site and/or the company associated with our site). The content of those email marketing communications may be based on the pages that you have visited and/or the features you have used on our site. To opt-out of receiving the email marketing communications generated by the Tracking Tool, please see the Opt-Out instructions below. The information associated with your user profile will not, without your prior consent, be used or disclosed to third parties other than for the purpose for which it was collected.

The information associated with your user profile will not, without your prior consent, be used or disclosed to third parties other than for the purpose for which it was collected.

For purposes of clarity, Trader is party to certain agreements with third party business partners with whom it conducts business regarding information collected by the Tracking Tool and/or associated with your user profile (“Business Partners”). tThe information collected by the Tracking Tool and/or associated with your user profile may be disclosed to the Business Partners.

By using this site, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described herein. If you do not consent, you may opt-out of the use of the Tracking Tool (as set out below).

Blocking and/or Disabling the Tracking Tool

The Tracking Tool gathers information about the user's computer hardware and software configurations to identify the user each visit and associate the user with their existing user profile. Unlike a "cookie", and except for local storage discussed below, the system does not store a file on the user's computer; therefore, the user information gathered is not deleted when the user clears their cache and/or deletes their cookies. In order to disable the Tracking Tool, see the Opt-Out instructions below.


The Tracking Tool's opt-out functionality is cookie based, so for it to work your browser must allow third party cookies. If you change computers or browsers or delete this cookie, we will no longer know you have opted out, so you will need to opt-out again. To opt out, Click Here. [NOTE: Need Trader-specific opt-out form.]

You may also opt-out of receiving email marketing communications generated by the Tracking Tool by sending a request to [email protected] or by clicking the unsubscribe link on any such email marketing communication you receive. Please note that clicking the unsubscribe link may only result in your no longer receiving marketing communications generated by the Tracking Tool; you may still receive other email marketing communications from our company / site.

As noted above, the Tracking Tool may also collect and store information (including personal information) locally on your device using mechanisms such as browser web storage and application data caches. Browser web storage enables websites to store data in a browser on a device. When used in "local storage" mode, it enables data to be stored across sessions. Similarly, an application data cache is a data repository on a device. You may stop local storage from being used by modifying your Internet browser settings, but stopping local storage may result in our site having impaired or limited functionality for you. Furthermore, disabling local storage will not block the Tracking Tool from operating; rather, it will only prevent the Tracking Tool from collecting and storing information locally on your device. To disable the Tracking Tool, see the Opt-Out instructions above. Further, you should refer to the help provided by your Internet browser for the most up-to-date and accurate instructions on disabling local storage.

Do Not Track Signals.


Accessing, Correcting, and Updating Your Personal Information.

To review information that is collected using the Tracking Tool, contact Trader by email at [email protected] or by regular mail addressed to Trader Interactive, LLC, Attn: Privacy Requests, 4525 Main Street, Suite 1101, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. We keep information associated with your user profile for as long as we think is necessary or advisable, and we reserve the right to retain it to the full extent permitted by law. If required by law, a governmental order, or similar legal process, we will disclose your information.


Our site is not directed at children under age 16. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under age 16, and if we learn that the Tracking Tool has collected information of a child under age 16, we will delete the information.

European Union Privacy.

If the processing of your information in connection with the Tracking Tool is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 ("GDPR"), we have additional obligations and you have additional rights under the GDPR. These rights and obligations are as follows: We will process your personal information using the Tracking Tool in order to support our provision of services in connection with your use of our site. The lawful bases for processing your personal information may include:

You have many rights with respect to our processing of your personal information. Depending upon the lawful basis of processing, you may have the right to withdraw consent or object to our processing your personal information.

You have the right to be informed about your personal information and how it is being processed, to access, correct and erase personal information, to restrict further processing, to obtain and reuse your data for your own purposes across different services and to object to processing. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authorities.

Applicable Law.

The Tracking Tool is operated and controlled from offices in the United States. If you access our site from locations outside the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws. Your access to our site constitutes your agreement to our storing your personal information within the United States.

Effective Date and Modifications.

This Privacy Policy Addendum is effective on April 1, 2022. We review this Privacy Policy Addendum at least annually and may amend it from time to time. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, our only notification will consist of posting a new policy.